Monday, January 25, 2010

Some more reflection and application of TCM

To no surprise my education in the Traditional Chinese Medicine is making me re-think and re-evaluate the concept of health and wellness. The concept of Yin and Yang is the primary basis of TCM and reminds me of the old adage, 'everything in moderation' or you can think of it as balance or harmony. Keep in mind this is dynamic and is dependent on the constitution of the individual. However, the basic premise is 100% applicable to all human beings relative to their constitution.

I cannot argue with the idea of homeostasis as it is thought in western terminology and achieving a balance in the body. Of course, there is little in western ideology that is about Balance and harmony, everything is pretty much 'balls to the wall' and I am sure guilty of this adage.

But, since I started practicing daily meditation, and more specifically Mindfulness and my yoga practice I have been noticing gradual changes in my constitution. Nutrition plays a large role as does proper rest which fortunately I get plenty of but in reality it is no coincendence as I begin to delve deeper and learn more about TCM philosophy.

One of the funny things is I have been able to increase or maintain my strength and fitness levels (even with long breaks/layoffs, over 3.5 months on my last layoff and by doing less volume and work and more quality. I am aware that I am highly trained and this means I can get away with less and get more due to physiology. I can give examples but the numbers and not nearly as important as the actual reality of what is happening.

On a larger scale, I am putting things together in a more balanced manner, not over extending in one area or another and feeling great while continuing to progress even at the ripe age of 35. Much more to come but I do not want to jump to false conclusions about my understanding of TCM, it is quite intense and deep in nature with a ton to learn but safe to say it is very logical, truly open to the flow and moving in accordance with nature, which is far smarter than the human if you ask me :-)

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