Sunday, January 04, 2009

Looking forward, Being Present

Another great day, another great year in 2009. Wow, what a fantastic voyage life has been to this point. The road has indeed been a long and windy one with so many interstesting twists, turns, ups, downs, forks, climbs, descents, terrain, views, opportunities, experiences and so on. I foresee another such year ahead and I am open to the journey, eager to experience each moment with an open mind, heart and a unconditional love for my being and all that I encounter.

Upon reflection I realize life is truly what it is and it is what you make out of it. Easier said than done?, in my view no because life is state of being, a state of choice that we all have to make. Are some roads more challenging than others, without a doubt. In fact I would never want to diminish or disrespect another for where there are, who they are, what they are, what and how they do it. It is through interacting and sharing with others that I learn and experience. It does indeed take all kinds to make the world go round.

Now, with all this being said I do believe that through self-realization we can then and do then come to a point where we are left with self-actualization. Realization is the first step, accepting and embracing what we realize is one of the next steps and then acting on it and turning our dreams, wishes, desires or GOALS into reality is the next step otherwise known as self-actualization.

So, this year I am continuing to actual what I have realized to this point in time. I am a an adventurer, a curious one who loves to explore life, people, culture, history, new frontiers, who wants to discover, uncover and experience life each and everyday. I then take such experiences and share with people as way to learn and grow and in the process come to a point where we all can act on our realizations and turn our goals, dreams, etc, into reality.

The start to this year has been just like last year, a continued daily practice into the art of living and being. I am not certain what this year will bring in terms of tangible stuff, only time will tell. I can say this I am creating and putting things together, making things happen as I always do and I see one heck of an adventurous year filled with quality experiences, quality peoples, quality opportunities.

I do not expect, I do not hope, I just do and I put it out there and turn it into action. I am not afraid of failure because I personally do not believe in failure, I realize that there is only life and living and if I am not putting myself out there and doing it, then I am missing out on something that I might otherwise learn and grow from and which may then in turn be able to benefit others.

See, I have been blessed with some AMAZING gifts, abilities, talents, skills, etc. and I am fostering them. I realize that I am here to do great things beyond myself and that I have a way to translate and communicate that is effective at reaching across borders, boundaries. I am humbled to have this ability and I honor these gifts each day with unconditional love and peace.

Therefore, through my realization I live life to the fullest each and everyday sharing the gifts I have been given and experienced and sharing in that of others. Each day I am grateful for what has been presented and I am open and non-attached to what happens.
So yet another day, not just any day but today I live life to the fullest, open to the experience and looking forward to sharing the love of life with all that I encounter.

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Todd Gilchrist said...

Awesome man! You continue to inspire me everyday. You are one of a kind, my firend.

Take care,