Thursday, January 31, 2013

Speed Press and weighted pull-ups

Felt really good to get a strong workout in today. With boards 22 days out my schedule was off due to study commitments but the extra day helps with recovery and I felt strong. Was not able
To lift at Stones so instead did so at Elementus.

Note: I will post video this evening when I get home

Speed Press
24kg bell with a blue band
Doubles for 5 sets.

This was tough in the sense that the speed at the max tension point certainly slowed. First band press in a while and quite different than chains. Overall happy with this and felt easily 90-100lbs at hardest point.

Superset with weighted pull-ups
16kg with a chain equal to about 20lbs holding it around my waist
Triples x 8

These were easier as I progressed through the sets. I am satisfied with this but look forward to actual weight belt next week. Keeps the bell tighter as you will see in video, the bell is about knee level versus tight on the pelvis.

Double 12kg
5 singles

Band 1 arm swing with 24kg

This are awesome. The force of the upward swing makes the handle want to rotate up really focusing me on maintaining a strong groove and staying tight and connected. First time doing these and they are quite effective.

So that's all, time to do what's most important & prep for boards. Looking forward to Saturday @ Stones with the full crew!

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