Saturday, January 26, 2013

Snatch Speed Day

Saturdays are typically my favorite training day simply because of the Men whom I train with. However since I have my second mock exam today I have to train early, at least I get to do it at Stones.

This is a high rep day with a relatively "lighter" bell meant for speed and due to time constraints endurance :). Again, nice to have partners pushing with you but today it's me only. Rif did come support me and count which rocked :)


Total: 182

next wave with this bell we will hit 200 and move from there.

That's unfortunately all the clock allowed for on this Saturday. Next week, things are back to normal since this is my final mock exam prior to board exams on Feb 21st.


Mark Reifkind said...

way to go Joe, getting there extra early and getting it done. Respect!

Joe Sarti said...

Thank you Rif!, you know what that means coming from you! :-))