Saturday, February 02, 2013


Saturday is all about the kettlebell snatch. Today is the middle bell of a 3 bell wave from 20-24 kg.
This bell, the 22kg is a truly beautiful bell. The reps are perfect for enabling me to play with tempo and find the correct groove all the while maintaining a position that enables me to move strong.

22kg/9/9 x 10 sets

As the sets went on I felt I could have done 100 in 5 minutes. The week by week wave and concurrent increase in work capacity and conditioning is building back a solid foundation and I am feeling it. So nice to have a consistent and simple approach to training, the results speak for the,selves and I am prepared for next weeks numbers/challenge.

Clubbells shield cast

Finding the flow, the rhythm. These things make me feel strong, such a cool tool!

Plank walkout with rings
2 sets of 4 reps

Keeping the glutes engaged and rotating the hands changed the complexion of these. Once boards are through I want to focus on core bodyweight movements. Today was more of a play session since Rif was using rings for push-ups I thought is would be a good opportunity to pick his brain and learn and that I did. My core will be a bit toast tomorrow :))

Walk the path!


Mark Reifkind said...

great job today Joe, as usual. I bet you'll be feeling those plank walkouts tomorrow though :)

Joe Sarti said...

And do I, :)) great job yourself Rif, ring push-ups PR and all while under the weather!