Monday, August 20, 2007

Deadlifts and Pull-ups

Ok, so first day back from a 10 day holiday and no I did not do my typical workouts or spend time blogging ;-). but I did have a nice vacation!

So feel a little flat but nice to have some heavy weight in my hands.

followed my typical warm-up scheme thru 405 then the big work sets (PS: do not let me downplay the importance of the warm-up, that is for sure not the case. This helps me to focus my chi and get my kinks worked thru finding my correct form, VERY important).


315/1x10 with no more than 30 seconds between my favorite part of the workout ;-)

What can I say. My technique was rusty and I was not perfect but I did have some solid pulls. Need to lock down my body more so i finish properly, by lockdown I mean remove the 'slack' and compact my shoulders to hips , this will help me to avoid the extra inch I tend to lift the bell and make the motion more intact so I move as one.


These were awesome. Could not believe how strong I felt and how relatively easy the pulls were considering the layoff.

I am back and ready to train hard for the contest and the journey of life! Day 1 and how you miss something when it is not around!


Aaron Friday said...

Welcome back, Joe. I missed your posts.

Joefitness said...

thank you Aaron

I have some good stuff to share and will do so as I settle in from vacation. Hope you are doing well!