Thursday, August 02, 2007

Snatches & Swings

First day back on the snatches and here is how it went

24/30 (switching every 5 reps) x4

total snatches with the 24kg = 120

I just doing this exercise. It is beautfiul to watch, and the feel is so smooth and athletic. And, to top it off it just kicks your arse from a strength and conditioning perspective. My hands made it through thanks to Rifs tape job and Tracys sock idea.

Swings 1 arm
32/20 left
32/20 right
32/15 lt
32/15 rt

90 additional 1 arm swings with the 32

felt a real strong hip snap and Rifs cue to push into the floor was super helpful. Used a hook grip so felt no pressure on the hands.

Overall this was a very good workout. I could feel residual CNS fatigue from Monday and my legs felt heavy and sluggish but I am stoked and feel really good with the training

have a beautiful day


Mark Reifkind said...

considering what you did monday this was a very strong day.

Joefitness said...

Thats bro, nice and sore :-)

Franz Snideman said...

Well I think with the amount of weight and volume you have done there would have to be at least some CNS fatigue.

Exciting to see where your training has taken you and obviously where it is heading toward!!