Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Childhood Obesity and Heart Disease...WOW!

Today a recent study said that “The arteries of many obese children and teenagers resemble those of 45 year olds, suggesting that they are at early risk of heart disease.’

WOW! This blows me away. As a heath and wellness professional I am concerned on many levels about the health and wellness of our present and future generations. This is just one of many such studies pointing out the challenges we face as world in our fight against health.

We can shift this paradigm! Yes, we have the choice to shift this paradigm but it requires a shift in the our context of truth behind what is and what it means and how we do it. And, we need the informers of the research, the media to tell the truth. As a talk radio show host and health and wellness professional it is my obligation to do the same.

So I am here to say you need to rethink your approach to health and wellness and stop reading the newspaper, stop reading those magazines and listen to the words of the true experts.

Here it is. It comes down to your environment, both internal and external and the choices you make which influence your environment, including the food you eat, drink you consume, how you move your body, the work place, your family, your friends, and the stress that comes with that and most important is the Biology of your Belieft, your thoughts. Stop thinking and start to educate, open your mind, and increase your awareness.

I am one of many who can help you with this. Not only can I educate you I can send you to numerous resources that can do the same.

So you want the answers? Great then ask and I will give them. Because I can write them down and share them with you but most likely your current belief system will prevent you from implementing these ideas. My truth is you can and would if you had the chance to speak with someone like myself, who can educate you on the process which it is, a process.

You CAN DO IT! But the proper direction, education and support structure is necessary, the environment.

I ask you are you at your best? Is your current system working for you? If so, then you are in rare company according to the numbers and studies and I am so happy for you and I encourage you to keep doing what you are doing and tighten it up if you can.

If not, ask, empty your mind of what you have learned (I have had to do the same which truly has changed my health and wellness to another level, for the positive), and seek out education. I will give you all the resources and support you if you would like. YOU CAN DO IT!

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