Wednesday, November 05, 2008

There is so much to explore beneath the surface

Reflecting on the times at hand and my great conversation with Steve Cotter I am so intrigued with the idea of surface vs depth. I know I am one who seeks the depths and finds the light in the process but I am also one who teaches the depths, the 'esoteric' of movement, stillness, life.

Yesterday on the surface we as a nation of the United States elected an "African"-American as President. This the first time ever we have had something other than a 'white' man as President of the country and as has been said ruler of the Free World. Yes, this is an amazing and historic and transformational/transcedent time in the history of the world. We need to have gratitude for those who saw this as an opportunity to shift the paradigm of the current state of beliefs and move forward beyond the surface.

The surface is the skin color, the term African-American or White to the fact that we are all humans who truly have more in common the we do differences. The differences exist in our contexts of truths but the realities of logical is we are all humans with so much of our depths interrelated that we when actually look beyond the surface, when we awaken to the see the light in the depths we see that we are bound together by more things in common than differences.

There is few things/areas where we do not have choice: our parents/family, where we are born, the color of our skin, and those first few years of our life when we are discovering and doing so in an environment where we did not choose and those are pivotal years as they become our sub or unconscious behaviors in our latter years.

So, based on this information is our context on truth related to these things such as where we come from and color of our skin really a deep truth in our soul or more a subconscious belief or a socialized belief? I am not sure but I do belief we are all created equal in many senses, maybe not with opportunity but the intended is not to say one person is less or more than another.

How can we fairly judge another? More important, can we?

When acting take a look at the depth of things, beyond your scope, beyond the context of your truth. Be open with your eyes, ears, hands, arms, heart to the possibility that exists not only for you but all. The world is bigger than the individual, it truly is a collection of individuals and all the things that make it up.

Awaken, come alive and look into the depth of your soul, of others, or the nature of being and existence. Be flexible, be strong, and understand that there is more than meets the eye. Be considerate and kind, be compassionate and loving. Why Fear, has it helped you, have you seen it help others?

There is so much to explore beneath the surface.

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