Sunday, November 02, 2008

So, taking a look and reflecting on my life and its current state and place I have thought about how I best wanted to use my blog. Initially it was all fitness, a way to share my workouts with my coach and others whom might be interested. But as it and I have evolved and involved the blog has progressed more to a free flowing philosophical reflection on life and aspects, things, etc. about life and living.

This being said I plan to use this as a place to continue to share Joelosophy on how to life live without limits. I plan to write and share thoughts about what it all means. If your interested in more details about my workouts please email or make a comment, I am more than willing to share.

I hope this blog and my writings help you and others in some way. I hope to bring to you others inspirational pieces that will do the same and more. This is a place to enhance, inspire, share, feel free and open, be compassionate and expand/transcend.

Thank you for your support and stay tuned! :-)

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