Friday, November 14, 2008

What is today? Simply put, the most wonderful, joyous, beautiful day! Why? Because you are alive and that alone means opportunities exist for you. Now, things may be happening but so are you. I do understand that not all days feel so wonderous and not all days feel so joyous, or look so beautiful. However, as a human being, a spirit/soul roaming this wonderful life on this beautiful planet we can choose to live and do so each day with the understanding that we are so blessed to have this opportunity to make the most out of this day and each and every moment of every day.

Others may not be so fortunate as their spirits may pass on, etc. but I do believe and I strongly feel that they would always want us to be and feel alive and too live for the day and experience. In the wake of Veterans Day and just a beautiful reflection on life I am honored for all those who have walked this earth and helped it too be. I am honored for all those who served to give us, the people of this wonderful land the opportunity to live free and create our opportunity.

So, today is the most wonderful, joyous, and beautiful day!

Namaste and Om Shanti

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Radhika said...

Beautiful. Exactly what I needed to read, to reassure within myself today! Isn't it amazing how things always work out so perfectly? You always get what you need - exactly when you need it, you always somehow stumble upon exactly what you need to read or know - the universe always somehow manages to deliver the perfect message to you at the perfect time. I love it! And thank you for being such a wonderful medium of goodness!