Monday, November 03, 2008

context, everything has context based on truths formulated from beliefs, expectations, assumptions, judgements, etc. Therefore I ask how can anyone truly be right or wrong if we only know from our own context? This notion & perspective on context helps me to be more present, more open to life & all the people & experiences, to truly understand the concept of here & now, the idea that evrything is divine, is perfect as is in the moment. Now if we do not like something & we are conscious & present with 'it' then we can take action based on our choir(s) & create the context we wish, want, desire!

For you this may or may not resonate based on your context to a word, the phrase/statement or idea of what I am presenting. This is your choice & your actions will support this truth. Whatever they be I have unconditional love, compassion, respect, gratitude, & peace for you. I applaud you for acting in your truth.

A reflection on one of my take sways from this weekends coaching course.

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