Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tip O'd Day

Practice Makes 'Perfect'

To say what perfection means for you is not the point, I will encourage you to find your own perfection. I can say this and through personal experience, that developing an everyday practice that is built on a solid foundation, with strong core principles and concepts, daily application and constant exploration and thus discover will lead you to your perfection. In and off it all I find perfection in each and every moment of everyday, this is my choice and my vision.

The point is to practice and do so with as clear of intention and a present consciousness and you will indeed live a life without limits. The key is the practice is daily and it is and must be done with mindfulness, awareness, and an openness that allows for the experiences of everyday life to penetrate and exist in a peaceful manner.

Practice and Practice the Way each and every moment of every day!

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