Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Yes I will

Again I am out on the trails, running through the hills, floating, leaping, hopping, skipping, dodging, hurdling, trotting, hiking, trekking, bouldering, up and down the hills through the rocky trail and beautiful trails.

A beautiful morning, overcast with a nice mist after a light rain fall so the ground is damp but not muddy and the hills are glowing golden as the grass has a dusting of water feeding its blades. So alive, so awake, so present feeling the heart beat, hearing the lungs pump in fresh oxygen, the prespiration building on the skin, seeping into the layering of my clothes.

Free to roam, and move my soul into the light of the day, move my body up, down and all around, no agenda just enjoying each step, each breathe while listening the beautiful sounds of Micheal Franti filling my ears with his amazing lyrics and tones.

Wow, it is truly for me the art of living, the practice of living, the way of life. Open to all the infinite possibilities that exist, fulling being and being in the moment.

I sing to myself, Yes I Will, yes I will climb this mountain, yes I will scale this rock, yes I will overcome these obstacles in front of me, yes I will take it one step at a time feeling the rhythm and flow of each foot fall, yes I will live and breathe in each moment, yes I will take in the scenery and all that is around me and in me, yes I will live this day as the day, the penultimum of days, yes I will,,,,,

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