Monday, April 27, 2009

Rickshaw Run, 3500 miles through India in a 3 wheel scooter!

The adventures keep on coming! So, after 25 days hanging out in Australia and New Zealand I have come back with a BIG burning desire to continue my travels and extensively. Definitely I am looking forward to doing this traveling around and teaching which is already in the works for June in Germany and August in Costa Rica but even beyond much is being discussed and planned and life truly is full of unlimited potential of possibility.

This is one of the things that always comes about when I travel, the unlimited potential and unlimited number of possibilities that exist. The experiences and opportunities that arise out of these is amazing, I know I am not at a loss of things to do, see, experience...I only would hope that I can accomplish it all or at least live in such a way that I am always out experiencing life to the fullest.

So, next up Germany in June, 3 (Strength and Conditioning) seminars scheduled and more in the works, then Costa Rica teaching Yoga. After that in talks with a good friend about co-hosting a holistic health and wellness retreat in Bali and so much more....

But here is the one I am eager to experience and in search of a good partner to join me on. I have had initial discussions with a great friend whom I hope will say yes, you know who you are!!! This next adventure will truly test on many levels and will be one to remember and tell the grandkids about. I am talking documentary, pics, twitter, facebook, etc. all in an effort to practice what I am all about, being free to live life without limits, exploring the goodness of humanity, the culture of a foreign land and the history all in the name of unlimited potential, great fun, memories, etc.

The event is known as the Rickshaw Run and goes through a 3500 mile odyessy through India in a 3 wheel, 1500cc Rickshaw. The things are known for breaking down and being totally unreliable, the race route is known as the un-route because well there is no direct way and nothing is guarenteed, not even finishing. Now this is done tri-annually and each time takes a different route. 64 teams will 'compete' over 2+ weeks. To me, this is the essence of what my philosophy of life is all about and truly is an opportunity to live my life without limits. Wish me luck as I go for my spot, no committed teammate as of yet on Thursday

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Tara Robertson said...

That sounds like so much fun!!!