Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A reflection on my travel experience

LIfe on the road, traveling such as I am is just one of the most important must do's in life. What one learns, sees, experiences, etc. is just mind bending, mind numbing and totally life changing! What you thought you knew, what you thought was this and that truly comes right in front of you and will challenge every aspect of your being.

this is not to say that this not part of normal life if one is open, aware and present but this is too say it is truly a unique experience unto its own. I mean truly this is something that should be mandatory or at least exist as an encouraged option in the US and everywhere. I know that some countries have this built in as an option and encourage their people to experience the amazing opportunities that traveling out of your realm, to a new land, new culture, new places, offers.

yes, I miss home, I miss my family, friends, clients, and some of the wonderus daily activities and lifestyle I lead but times like these make me appreciate and have that much more gratitude for all I have in my life, all the possibilities that exist! Plus, my level of compassion increases and I truly see much more clearly the realities of life and what can be done to shift, transform, change, improve some of the things that are less than appealing.

Also, one of the main things I see is the Basic Goodness in all mankind, all people. Even those whom I do not choose to mimic, follow, etc. they all serve as teachers and great reminders that we all are doing our best given what we know, what we understand, what we have at our disposal.

I am fortunate to have to opportunity and curious mind to explore and be open to all that is available, for this I am humbled, compassionate and grateful. But also this spurs me onto make a bigger difference, to share and exchange with all of the people of this world. This makes me want to continue to serve all mankind and explore and learn more ways that I can spread this awareness of the basic goodness and help others to open their eyes and perspectives to the unlimited potential of mankind!

I ask myself each day what can I do to make this and those I encounter shine and help their inner essence glow so they can explore their unlimited human potential. this means I have to do the same and holds me to a high standard, not others but me to be a leader by example and to show a possible or number of possible ways to go beyond our boundaries, borders, etc.

Blessed, honored, humbled, compassionate, grateful and full of life and love!

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