Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The End of Journey that is never ending!

Another Journey around the world has come to a completion, but in reality it is never over. I am still learning from Europe which was 10 years ago, it seems that these experiences live with you forever as they truly are great teachers of life.

Some things I learned on this trip
* People are people no matter where you travel, we are simply humans doing our best to live our lifes to the fullest and with happiness, love, family, friends, and a bit of fun.

*I cannot change things that I have done in the past but I can learn and in the process be humbled and thus evolve beyond where I was to become a better person, more loving, kind, compassionate, free, open, understanding, respectful, grateful, appreciative, curious, living with a greater sense of wonder and humor, more chilled, more relaxed, more peaceful, and on and on!!!

The simple fact is that I have done things in my past, acted certain ways, said things, etc. that I would never do today. I cannot take those things back, cannot change the past but I can learn from those experiences, humble myself, have compassion for myself and others who may have been affected due to my actions, and can choose to not repeat those expereinces and have gratitude that I am conscious enough to admit that I can do things better and willing to suffer the humility and make the changes.

We only know what we know and in time we learn, grow, evolve, change and therefore the way we act, respond, chose, be changes and everything in hindsight is clearer. The thing is to be open, present, conscious, humble and have that child like beginners mind where you are curious and willing to explore others, yourself, life, etc.!

Life is AMAZING, people are amazing, we are all HUMAN doing our best, lets appreciate everyone and every experience for what it is and if you do not like then be the difference, act the part by being that change you wish too see, these are the words I tell myself and thank you, all of you for making me who I am and to be able to learn and realize what I have shared!

Gratitude and Love

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Carl Sipes said...

Sounds like another winner! Lets catch up when you get back home and settled...I'd love to hear more about the trip.