Friday, April 10, 2009

Perfect Day...and things that make it perfect for me

You ever been so fortunate to have the perfect day? Well, I have and the funny thing is since I really began to tune in and open my consciousness I have found that everyday is perfect. Why not, I am alive, living, breathing, experience, embracing, feeling, being, sensing, learning, growing, loving, showing and being grateful, healthy, peaceful, and on and on!

So let me give you an idea of the past 2 days and what I have been experiencing in these 2 perfect days.

*Coffee at a great little spots where I can sit and sip watching time slowly pass and people cruise by doing there thing.

*A good book while sitting and sipping.

*A journal to record my thoughts and observations of life as I sit and sip coffee.

*Good music to listen to while sitting and sipping coffee, and while running, and doing yoga on the beach and while sitting on the beach watching the waves crash gently on the warm and soft sands of time!

*A good beach to swim in, too watch people, too watch the ocean, to run along, to do yoga on.

*Yoga on the beach

*running on the beach

*Sitting on the sand of the beach enjoying the views of life

*Peace and quiet and stillness that comes from living the moment and being in pure beauty and presence

*A good sweat!







*A being present, conscious, and aware that this is all happening here and now!

Feel blessed to be forutnate to walk in my shoes and be able to experience and share this with you all.

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