Saturday, April 18, 2009


I have had the great fortune to visit many a beautiful places and do many amazing things in my life. Yesterday was definitely one of the HIGHLIGHTS of my life! Kayaking the Milford Sound in New Zealand playing with Dolphins, Seals, big beautiful waterfalls cascading 1000-2000 meters off of sheer granite walls with majestic peaks, glaciers and the most tasty, calm pristine water one could imagine for being in an ocean.

Now, pictures are indeed worth a thousands words but experiences are priceless! Truly pictures did and do not do this place justice.

I suppose if there is one word of advice I can give to people is that if you have the chance, the time get out and see the world, travel to foreign lands and not just the cities but the places that mother earth has blessed us with. And when traveling make sure to take time to interact with the local folks, this is some of the richest experiences you will have in your travels.

Often when talking with folks they tell me that many Americans do not take time to talk and share with them. The locals tell me how much they appreciate when foreigners take time to interact, engage and explore with them.

As I travel I truly realize that this world is full of amazing, beautiful people, places and opportunities. The world is sure bigger than the white picket fence, BMW and designer label clothes, not that there is anything wrong with each their own and it does truly take all kinds and that is what makes the world so amazing.

When you travel you meet all kinds and you realize that a friendly smile and as Ernie, a South African man said too me, it is how you say things that makes the difference, and the reason I can quote this man is because we both stepped out of our box, had a beer and chatted about life, our lives, the similarities and the differences and how we came to meet up in a foreign land 'by chance'

I am grateful for my curious mind, my willingness to explore and in this experience the lessons I am learning and my realization that I have a responsibility to this world, to the people of the world community and it is imperative that I get out and do this work! Yes, I do believe we all have this in our unique way and it is up to each of us to figure it out.

What it is for me, well I am already doing bits and pieces of it and more keep coming. I am young and so much is in my presence and present and so much more in my future! Time will tell the story of what it is for me, I do have a vision, a intention but I am open to the present, to the opporutinities and experiences that life puts in front of me! So to say this is the exact way would not be possible, I just know that when it is all said and done I will fulfill my responsibility, my role and leave this world a better place.

I hope you all join me in walking this world, engaging with the people and places of this world and experience firsthand life in this world outside of your comfort zone or box and in the process discover your journey, what your responsibility is!

You truly can have it anyway you wish!!!


Lolanose said...

I like your blog. Thank you for posting your thoughts and feelings.

Best regards.

Joe Sarti said...

Thank you for your kind words. Much appreciated! :-)