Thursday, April 02, 2009

Do not trust the GPS, Australia Part 2

So goof balls like me love to backpack, free wheeling around and just letting things happen and come as they may. You have an idea where you want to go, what you want to do but you are open for anything and everything because that is the point. So, sometimes you head to a place with the intention of staying for a night or two and then moving on but things arise and all of the sudden you change your direction.

So we are at Noosa Heads which is this most amazing a beautiful place on the Eastern shore of Australia, abouot 2 hours south of Brisbane on the way toward the barrier reef. Of course we have no accomodations and just plan to find something when we arrive. Now, my mate Tully is a planner so this is a bit unlike him but he is open to trying things my way, and being a backpacker himself who has traveled extensively this is not much of a stretch, he just has to remember the good ole days :-)

So, of course we decide to change directions. We are scheduled for a tour of Fraser Island (a must see/do) the next morning at 740 am and our pickup point is about 45 minutes from Noosa at Rainbow Beach.

So after a look on the internet for possible accomodations, an email inquiry and confirmation, a check in with Tully's wife we are on our way. It is night out and Tully cues up the GPS (TomTom) to lead the way. Tully has a sweet ride, an new Audi Quattro hatchback sporty car so we are traveling in style, although I am sitting on the left, which in Australia is the passenger seat...weird cause I want to drive, LOL

The GPS picks our coordinates and lines us up to go what appears through this really beautiful tropical forest versus the long way which would take us out towards the mainland and then back toward the coast which appeared to be the long way any who.

So off we go and Tully's wife Rachel was warned from our destination hotel to be careful of the GPS because it brings you along a dirt road which is 40+K. As you can imagine we ended up on the dirt road, failing to listen to the wife and Hotel owner and what a freakin crazy off-road, YES off road in the wilderness at night ride, big rocks, pot holes, bumps, ruts, you name it all in this Audi.

Poor Tully was going nuts and could not believe what we were doing. Now, failing to trust his own intuition we stuck it out even though a number of times he spoke of turning back because he thought we were going the wrong way (which we were not) and it was brutal on the car!

Now, I was laughing and keeping my cool just supporting and encouraging him to follow his intuition...too me we were well beyond the turnaround point once we reached half way, the worst that could happen is we would have to pullover and spend the night in the forest, which was beautiful with gorgeous skies filled with sparkling stars everywhere we looked and a sliver of a moon.

Of course, we made it and a 45 minute ride took over 3 hours and a few scratches on the cars underside, thank goodness that is all!

A few good laughs, on my part not necessarily Tullys, a great journey that is typical of these kind of adventures, a GPS that was right in its course, but truly did not understnad the type of road it chose, and the fact that we must trust our instincts and intuition which for me was to avoid this road and take 'the long way' which in fact we did on the way home and it took only, you guessed it 45 minutes to get back to Noosa.

Life is truly about the experience, the journey and just enjoying these moments and being free and open to all possibilities and doing so with great people!

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