Sunday, April 05, 2009

Dont Slip, Slick

Went on a beautiful kayak trip today out of Airlie Beach which this area is comprised of 74 Islands the most famous is WhitSundays and Whitehaven (which is 95% silicon beach). We did not actually tour these as they are a bit far for a day trip but we did check out 2 other islands.

We were able to catch sea turtles and big eagles which was super cool and just floating and paddling through the beautiful waters is breathtaking especially when looking around you all you see is mountain filled with trees (tropical area) which makes up many of the islands

So, we snorkeled around and then there was the cool rock climb to a lookout. I could not resist and the views were indeed nice...but I thought what the heck why not go higher up and as I reached doing the splits, barefoot and hoping to pull myself and jump up to the next big rock, OOOOPS I slipped falling 10 feet down on my back scraping myself as I slide between the big rocks. Fitting for our trip that this would happen but I would have thought to Tully not me. Luckily I just have some big scraps and nothing more! I walked out ok but definitely with some big red marks.

So, off to snorkel the reef tomorrow on a big Catamaran and then flying to Byron Bay to Surf and Catch the blues festival and Michael Franti and Spearhead

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