Wednesday, May 20, 2009

U R as U R, & U R perfectly good as is! Accept URSELF!

So why do you compete, or do you? I sure do and I do so with myself. I am not certain I would call it competition but more like a constant exploration and curiosity. But, not because I believe I am inadequate or have achieved a state of perfection but more so because I like going beyond perceived limitations, boundaries, borders and fears, I enjoy challenging myself so I can learn, grow, evolve and as a professional who works in this realm be one who speaks from experience and therefore when sharing, speaking, discussing, exchanging with others, they understand that I live my word.

Yes, I do believe in the moment, as we are right now we are perfect, not perfection but perfect. Why? Because we are a summation of our experiences, our perspectives based on these experiences, judgments, observations, encounters, exchanges and so on. As a human being walking this planet I do feel a duty to be the best I can be, to be open and willing to see things from other perspectives and then if compelled go out and see firsthand. Does this mean I am going to go bungee jump, heck no, not something I want to do but I sure respect others who do it or have done so. In fact I have admiration for them facing their fears, etc. or whatever the motive, drive, determination, reason behind THEIR CHOICE!

In life many of us are fortunate to be in a position to make choices and therefore determine the direction, path, journey we wish and will travel. This being said, you who are reading this probably have chosen your path and thus created your state of perfectness in the moment. The best part is, if you understand this and go through the process of realization and then turn to a process of actualization you will understand that if you like what you are doing then you can chose to stay the course but if you do not then you can change it!

Is it that easy? Well, truth be told I do believe so but I also understand that our society says no and puts out filters to support the fact that change is hard, fear is a factor, and that we need to follow such and such rules. Well, I am not a rule maker nor follower, instead I chart my course and allow for the currents, winds, etc. to play their role and make adjustments through calculated choices and with a bit of adventure and risk to help me create the path and journey I wish to follow.

So, I am working on living my life without limits, borders, boundaries and working on mastering the principles of human performance in all aspects of living through a state of constant exploration and in the process being unconditional in my love for self and all things, being compassionate and grateful as well. Yes, I am leading, charting, plotting, exploring the adventurous life that is Joe Sarti everyday and through my experiences I learn, grow, evolve and share with you all. And, I understand this, as I am right here and now I am perfect, I accept this and embrace it and am humbled by such a thing and that I have the ability to recognize but not be complacent but rather take it as an opportunity. Also, I realize this has nothing to do with competing against another, in fact I would love for us all to be playing, plotting, charting our courses of life together and sharing in the experience in an effort to help the human consciousness evolve throughout the world community, for the betterment of the world community!

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