Monday, May 18, 2009

Crossfit Level 1 Certification

Life is about choices and I am in a position where I can choose the directions I wish to travel. Being open and curious brings with the opportunity to learn and experience a wide variety of opportunities and I am a person who loves doing many things. I am only limited by my creativity, imagination and my ego.

Along the path of I life I have learned and experienced many things and it is those things that I have experienced that I truly feel I learned the most from, especially in the sense of the essence of the experience and gaining firsthand knowledge/information. In the past I have taken others words or experiences and allowed them, by my own choice to influence me and often times I have found that was not in my best interests. So, today I like to go out and give it the ole' college try myself and see, feel, taste, touch, experience things. Of course with all things in life, this is relative ( I do not plan to jump of a bridge anytime soon attached to a bungy cord :-).

This weekend is a great example as I attended the Crossfit Level 1 Certification. Impressed?? very much so and I am grateful for the opportunity and experience for a variety of reasons and if I had listened or allowed the influence of others to affect my observations/thoughts/feelings, etc. about Crossfit I would tell that I would have missed out on a wonderful opportunity to learn about a great system of fitness/training.

Crossfit lives up to its word and it does as it says and says as it does. I like the foundation, principles, elements, and fusion of these things. In reality it did not reinvent the wheel but took a ton of great parts and put them into an awesome package that delivers results. If your goals are to be fit across the board and be able to play with your kids, run with your friends, do some cool gymnastic moves like pull-ups or handstands, lift some heavy weights and you love variety, community and self competition then you have found a great system.

Being a jack of all trades, one who powerlifts, kettlebells, trail runs, mountain bikes, snowboards, martial arts, kayak, play rugby and of course a YOGA practice I am a living example of what Crossfit is all about just not completely within their parameters but pretty darn close. Now, the system gives me a way to play around and get some more structured play sessions so I can continue to be a jack of all trades.

Plus, I believe as a coach, for myself, I need to be learning and experimenting with various systems so I can see how they work, effectively teach, coach and explain them to my clients and continue to satisfy their needs/requests. In the process I get to play, learn, experience, and meet new people, things, concepts, and enhance myself and those whom I encounter, nothing wrong with that.

Will I do Crossfit? YES! Did I drink the kool aid? No but I get it and I have to say thumbs up to a great system that backs it up!

I have been very blessed in my life to experience many things and have many good to great coaches and this has helped me specialize and enhance my bag of tools, skills and abilities and Crossfit gives me a place to put them all into one bag and pull from that bag and play around in sound way.

I give a big applause to the Coaches who ran the show this weekend, they do an excellent job of explaining and representing the system and Crossfit should be proud of them as I know they are. I look forward to contributing to them and the community at large and continuing to enhance, evolve, develop the system much like with Kettlebells and Yoga amongst other communities.

You know, if I was not on the path I am and living the word I preach then I would have never had this experience. Freeing myself from ego, judgment, attachment and hard ass opinions has and did not serve me in that moment, the only way it served me was to learn that it does not serve me! I am thankful that I am embracing these concepts and principles and the main one of living without limits, borders, and boundaries, being open, compassionate, grateful, and respectful of all things! I am thankful for all that has happened to put me on this path, I am sure there were easier ways to get here but I am here and now and for that I had a wonderful experience and I have the great honor and pleasure of joining in another amazing community and have another outlet, place, way, to share the goodness, unconditional love, gratitude and ass kickingness of life with amazing people!

3, 2, 1, GO! and do not leave the hips behind ;-)

Namaste and Om Shanti


Trish said...

Nice words of wisdom, Joe. Glad you enjoyed this weekend! It was great meeting you.

CrossFit San Diego

Joe Sarti said...


Thank you! Great meeting you and look forward to coming to visit the SD Box again! You are awesome and a first class host and killa athlete and better person!