Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Meditation can be done anywhere, anytime, in any given moment! It is not something that requires one to go to yoga class, sit in a group meditation, find a comfortable, quiet setting, etc. In fact those are great examples of places where one can meditate but meditation is far more.

In fact, meditating while doing an activity is an amazing experience that will truly heighten the moment and activity. A great example is running where people will often feel a sense of freedom and just allow themselves to let go of everything and enjoy the surroundings, the air, the feeling and sensations from their breathe and their body moving.

The key is we can meditate in everything we do! It is a matter of where letting go of attachment to what is happening even though we may indeed be aware of our breath, our surroundings, etc. Awareness or consciousness is one thing, being attached is another.

For instance when meditating it is amazing to come to a place where all thought, all existence, all everything is suddenly nothing and you feel nothing, you are nothing, life is truly what it is and you are as you are. This state is achievable and there are those who can get there and stay there for extended periods of time. One may argue this is the goal of meditation and I would have a hard time disagreeing. However, I will say that goal only comes through a consistent practice and even the practice does not guarantee the outcome. So, this being said I encourage all people whether in a seated meditation, active, etc. to just allow what is too be. Do not judge, do not get caught up in the experience but rather just enjoy the experience for what it is. Allow yourself to be with ‘it’ and allow it to be with you.

If you are in a seated meditation, in a place where you are meditation with yourself or others such as a yoga class focus on your breath and maintain a strong and solid posture (seated or kneeling position which are most common). And if you fall out of or lose your breath, etc. do not fret, take this as an opportunity and bring yourself back to meditation.

Every time you meditate you will find a different and unique experience. This is the beauty of the practice and through consistency you will find a place where you can sit comfortably and release all that resides in you and completely relax yourself and come to a peaceful state of being.

There is no wrong there is no right! This is true in life and meditation. There are only experiences and our perspectives on them. No judgment, no attachment, just freedom to share, explore, exchange, experience life in its purest form, how you wish and no one else.

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