Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Crossfit Certification

Yep, that is correct I am heading to San Diego this weekend for Crossfit Level 1 certification. This may surprise many of you and for good reason, let me explain....

So, I have been critical if not to say a non believer in the Crossfit system as well as others, it is not standalone in this case. But, as I mature and gain practical information through study and application I begin to see the merit of all systems, all things in life...ALL!!! I have to say my ego, which is a bunch of BULLSHIT! has hindered me in the past and I have allowed others opinions to do so without seeking and learning through firsthand experience. One lesson I have learned is that nothing mimics first hand experience like firsthand experience, no disrespect to any others.

So as I grow as a human being, which is most important for me, evolving as a complete being not just a coach/teacher/athlete I have learned to set aside EGO and be open, compassionate, grateful for others opinions and experiences and go out learn firsthand before passing judgment. This is truly opening doors for me rather than closing doors and I would rather have my doors open to the unlimited possibility rather than closing of a door/path because I have passed an egotistical judgment that really only holds me back.

My criticism is truly unjust in a general term. Crossfit does have its limitation and is by no means the one and only answer. However, it has many wonderful elements that make it a system that is worthy to learn, teach and implement on some level. Therefore I am heading to get certified.

As a seasoned professional I see ways that I can train the system implementing all that I already know and see how it can benefit me and how I can in turn more importantly teach the system to others, which is the primary purpose of the certification. Personally I am a playful person who loves to do many things. I truly am an athlete who dabbles in many different types of training systems and methodologies much like Crossfit. However, I am less concerned about how fast I can do something, or my time and more interested in having a well rounded program that compliments my personality and playfulness and that will enhance my abilities to teach and reach a larger community in this sense all while increasing my general knowledge of training! Afterall I am in the business of coaching and teaching and it is my job to learn, study, explore so I can help my clientle.

No kool-aid here, just the fact that all things have merit especially if people are taking part in them. All things are not 'perfection' and some are indeed better and more complete than others and all serve a different purpose for different people and this I understand and respect.

So, I am putting aside false pretense and judgement, opening my mind and soul to the experience and what these people whom have invested time and energy to come and share in their passion....and hey, I love to challenge myself and learn so start the clock, cause here I come "Fran" and "Diane", as Jimmy says I coming to get ya!

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