Monday, May 04, 2009

Slowing Down

Yep, thats right, time to slow down! Seems odd for a person such as myself to say slow down or even promote such a concept. But, I have found that this is crucial, especially in this day and age, to take time to slow yourself down, to stop what your doing and just sit, be, and I am not talking about watching TV.

Through the implementation of yoga but even more importantly the practice of meditation, sitting in one place, quietly breathing and just allowing myself to be in the here and now, thoughts to flow in and out of me like a river has truly slowed me down and made my life so much more peaceful and more important helped me to learn how to appreciate everything I do, every moment, every conversation, everything and to see it for what it is. The big thing is I started to see, observe things I was not because I never slowed myself. Instead of running I have found myself stepping slowly and consciously in whatever direction I move and with a curiosity and appreciate/gratitude I have never before.

The funny thing is I found that by moving slower I moved faster, by doing less I was doing more. This was not my intention nor an expectation but more a by-product of slowing down. I realized just how amazing and full of experience/opportunity my life really is. I have found that instead of having to do this and that because it is good for me, or necessary, or this or that I am doing it because I see the joy, the beauty, the experience, the excitement, the opportunity, and recognizing that i have been blessed with all these amazing senses and abilities to do in life and that I must do just because I feel like a kid in the playground, innocent and free, gleeful and playful, open and exploring, and just being with whatever I am doing in that moment, no attachment.

All the sudden I found more space, more freedom from my yoga and meditation practice and this gave me the ability to move in ways I had only imagined. I feel stronger, fitter, more flexible, more aware, more conscious, more open and free of hard opinions and judgments, less fearful and more understanding of fear in general, more accepting of life and the things being presented, more ability to say no or yes and realize if it was the appropriate path or direction at that point in time and so, so much more.....

All this has come about by slowing down and the practice or awareness came through yoga and meditation. I realize that this is not everyones way but it is one that drastically changed my life and allowed/enabled me to come into my essence, my essential being and be my authentic self. Because of this my life is full of life and at the same time I am able to approach life like a kid, curious or as in Zen, with a beginners mind and realize that each moment is a moment unto itself but it plays a role in each and every moment thereafter and all of life is a series of experiences and moments that lead you to where you be in that moment.

So as a friend asked me the other day, do I get down or depressed or bummed. The reality is no, I do not. I feel still but I act on gratitude and compassion, I am able to reflect and see things for what they are. Now, I am not saying never or I will never but I find that it is not happening. Is my life perfection, by no means but it is perfect here and now for what it is but this does not prevent me from wanting to learn, grow, experience, share, exchange, listen, hear, be free of attachment, etc. I am a beginner and as Bruce Lee says, when they close the casket, then you can call me a Master (if that is to be so, if not, so be it). The reality is I am living and enjoying life to the fullest, exploring the endless and boundless possibilities that exist.

I find I am so blessed in life with great people, unlimited amounts of love and affection, opportunities that are just amazing and full of experiences and memories that seep deep into my soul and spirit and add to the culmination of all the beauty that touches the depths of my being.

PS: I thank you!

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