Thursday, May 21, 2009

With my own 2 Hands

Changing Your Life

Is it time to take the bull by the horns and create the life you envision? If so, you need to create the environment that helps you create your vision. This requires a clear picture of what you envision and requires skills that will help you to bring the vision to life.

Your first step is to spend time visualizing what you want in your life. Here, it is important to create a place and environment where you can take the time to visualize what you desire. Make sure you have objects/things in your space that help bring you a sense of peacefulness, a sense of calm and soothing, a sense that this is your time and you have what you need to bring about your vision.

Some objects/things that may help you are candles, music, incense, a comfortable pillow or chair to rest on, being at the or near water or in the mountains, taking a long hike or walk, doing yoga, etc. The key to the success of this process is identifying what you would like in your environment, and being aware of how that changes over time during your visualization process.

Keep in mind, it is not necessary to use visualization practice in any particular ‘way’ but instead create a way that brings you to the place and vision you are creating. Most important is to put your vision in a form that works as a daily reminder of why you are doing what you choose to do each day and how your daily actions bring you to the place you want to go, the place you will be.

One possible way to foster your vision is through the use of written affirmations. Written affirmations are a great way to see in your writings and speak in your voice the vision you are creating. They serve to center us and remind us of where we are and where we will be. The focus brought upon us through affirmation helps to bring us closer to our vision.

Affirmations are typically short in words and have a rhyme which helps serve as a simple and effective way to make them part of our everyday life. Below is an example I use,

‘Today is my day! This is my day to be the best I can be to live and represent the values, attitudes, morals that I aspire to live my life by. Today I am a champion of these attitudes and I will lead be example. Today I evolve myself to a higher level of being, today I make and be the difference.’

Another possible way is through the development of a montage of images and words that resemble and express your creative vision. This artistic process helps to put your vision into real terms with more than just words by including images that serve to help you visualize the picture with greater clarity.

Keep in mind, that your vision must be one you belief in and that is representative of you (i.e. who, where, how, what, when, & why). There is a big difference between creation of a vision and bringing it to life. Therefore, once you have your vision design, it is important that each day you create a practice that serves to bring your vision to life.

Once this vision is created, the visualization process through the use of your affirmations and/or montage help to remind you and strengthen your belief that your everyday practice, your everyday actions, are leading you along the path that ultimately is you and your vision coming together in harmony.

Anything is possible! You must believe, have faith, trust and do the daily practice, the daily actions and create the space and environment to bring it to life. You must be the exception to the rule and be the one who inspires others without even knowingly doing so but just by being and walking the path you wish to walk.

This truly is your life and you can be, do, think, feel, act, speak, and create anything you please. And once you define this vision, let go and detach from it and allow it to come to life by living the vision day in and day out through your practice. Allow it to flow and be, close your eyes and trust in the process, trust in yourself.

The Steps Defined (in no particular order)
1. Create space to develop
2. Define your Vision
3. Learn, acquire the skills, tools, and objects you need to create and bring your vision to life.
4. Practice Visualization.
5. Create Affirmations
6. Practice Daily
7. Be The Exception
8. Have faith, trust and full belief in your vision and the creative process
9. Let go and follow the flow.
10. Enjoy the journey, the process, the path.

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