Friday, May 01, 2009

To be Chillin

You know and some of you do indeed, I used to be so super passionate that I was often defensive, unable to laugh at myself, would get frustrated, anger, jealous, resentful, and just a plain old ass at times, not often but to often at the same time. But throughout these experiences I was fortunate to have the ability to look back and learn from this and from people who were kind enough to let me know I was being a pain in the ass.

The journey or this particular journey did not happen over night, in fact I would say it took 34 years to get to where I am today, which really is a place where I feel chill, peaceful, where I can laugh, poke fun and just be free and open to life. I can say this for certain, I am in a far better place where I am today than ever before. the road was not always smooth and some great people were part of the carnage along the way but it was not personal or at least now I can say that.

I have kept working and working on myself and thank goodness for people and experiences that have led to opportunities combined with other factors all that work is paying off and the neural pathways are being set for a place of peace, gratitude, love, compassion, humor, humility, openness, etc.

The journey is an amazing one, one I look back and have so much compassion and gratitude for everything. Because of this, missing out on 2 awesome adventures, 10 days in Norway for national geographic magazine (cause i was too short) and the Rickshaw Run in January has no affect because I am just grateful to have the chance and I know that many more opportunities will come about and these 2 helped me to gain more insight into my essence, so I have learned and I am excited to create more things to do.

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