Monday, June 15, 2009

Another Trip is complete

Yet another trip, yet another amazing experience full of wonderful, funny and inspiring moments. Nothings too far, nothing out of reach, all within our grasp if we put our hands out a reach for ‘it’ So, I put on my flip flops, slap my hat on backwards, board shorts, t-shirt and backpack slung over my shoulders and I reach out and grasp the world with my own 2 hands.

As I walk this land, traveling about, meeting people of all kinds I tread lightly leaving no trace but a smile on the face. A smile that reflects all the while the gratitude that fills my spirit with peace.

I cannot help but open my eyes and take a look around me and see how much, the unlimited amount of love that fills my space. Along this journey I have been blessed, touched, gazed upon the people of this world with open arms and a willingness to explore with me all that this world has too offer and more.

My experiences have taught me a vast and limitless number of lessons, so much so that I keep learning from them far after they have been ‘experienced’ in the moment. One lesson that I continue to learn but maybe truly have only begun to grasp is the beauty of each person, each experience, each exchange, each engagement, each perspective of all those whom I encounter and beyond.

We all are human, a simple but often forgotten fact. We all have basic wants, needs, etc. No matter where I roam I experience this and these experiences remind of this point. What I understand is that little fact is so important to getting the ‘maximum’ out of the experience. I am aware that when I remove my judgment, empty my cup and open my mind, body, soul, spirit, heart, eyes, ears then I am far more able to truly see the beauty and enjoy the experience.

It is a wild, crazy world and there is chaos everywhere but people function, people work together to make it work, to make it happen. We find are flow, our rhythm, our ability to mix, mash and blend into a beautiful fusion.

We are relationship oriented and it is our relationships that truly help us to define ourselves. These relationships extend beyond human interaction and include our relationship to nature, space, perception, perspective and probably the most important relationship, the one with our own being. Traveling really helps me to understand the importance of relationships and how in principal there are core concepts with all relationships but each one is so amazing and unique to itself.

My relationships are beyond value, they bring life to life and make it so much more fun and amazing day in and day out and I am just truly grateful for all the people who are, who have and who have yet to bless me with the opportunity to form some sort of relationship with them. Many of them have no name that I know but I realize they like me walk this earth and share in many experiences even if from their own point of view. For instance the guy sleeping next to me on the train as we travel in the same direction toward a destination, his name unknown but I am aware of his presence and I realize he has a story just like, a life he is living just like me.

Life is, what life is and for me that is a big playground full of tons of amazing things for me to explore, encounter, exchange, share, touch, feel, look, smell, taste, etc so I can live it to my fullest potential and beyond! I just ask everyone to join me and lets play and have a kick ass time living the best life possible and making sh*t happen!

See you on the playground!

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