Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stopping to smell the Roses, How fragrant/beautiful they Be!

So many interesting opportunities lie in front of me. It seems daily I am receiving offers from people to do some cool projects. And I have to say I am speechless and truly do not have a clue as what to do. I know this I am grateful and appreciative and that I really want to do them all. But as my fortune cookie said the other day while in Germany, do not accept what you do not want to do.

So, I sit in peace, stopping to smell the roses, contemplating and reflecting on life past, present and future. I consider the unlimited potential and possibilities and I ponder. I know the world is my oyster, my pearl, my gem and I get to choose how I wish to spend my fortune.

Today I sit at a crossroads with many paths to choose and many directions in which I may travel. I realize that I must keep on walking, keep on singing, keep on moving and grooving and doing what I do regardless. And, this I do today and everyday, I awake and take charge of the day and explore life and my relationship to all.

It is an amazing and wonderful position to be in, one where people are seeking to join in with you, share with you, play with you, etc. I am honored to have built myself and positioned myself in a way where things exist as they are. I realize there is so much, so many journeys and paths worthy of following.

I am not worried, nor concerned about the outcome or decisions. I am flowing with it all and taking time to appreciate the place where I stand in the present moment and because of this I have no worries about the future. Everything has and does work out just as it is supposed too, not always how you 'think' but exactly as it is to be.

Therefore, sit back, listen and observe, be humble and grateful, believe in yourself, trust in the process, have faith in all things and surf the waves of life and keep on climbing open to all the possibly routes, possibly paths to get yourself to your peak!

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