Monday, June 15, 2009

When its all said.....

When it is all said, when it is all done how are you, how do you want to look upon your life? Yeah, this is an important question I continue to ask myself as I set out to live my life to the maximum, to its peak potential and beyond.

I take time to observe what is happening around me, how things are happening, how people are doing life, their life and I observe with an open mind, an empty cup and place myself in their shoes. Why? Because everyone and every moment provides an opportunity to learn and I believe we all are teachers as well as students.

At the core of it, the core of life I feel grounded, peaceful and grateful, compassionate and love unconditional. Also, an integral part of my core is desire to explore, be adventurous, challenge myself, take calculated risks and really explore the depths of my core and all that is around me. Therefore, I am in a constant state of motion finding myself being grounded in the flow of life and living. I find myself being still, taking time to reflect and observe what has and is happening in and around me and this world, exploring the unlimited potential, unlimited possibilities of life and that this planet offers us.

I know this, when it is all said and done I want to have lived my life without self erected limits, borders and boundaries. I want to know that I went out everyday, every moment and did the absolute best I could and carried myself in unconditional love, gratitude, peace, compassion, with an open mind, eye, ear, and surrounded by amazing people and the beauty that relationships provide.

I look forward to having an amazing partner to share in these experiences, amazing friends and family to laugh, smile, and cheer life with, and a life that inspires others to achieve their own personal greatness, to live their own life without self erected limits, borders, and boundaries.

The way is clear, the path is open, the journey is happening and how to do it and how you want to see it, feel it, experience it is up to you. I will just say this I am here and you can always find me if you ever need a friend to share in this beautiful life with.

See you along the way of your path on this journey of a life with unlimited possibilities. Now the peak awaits me so I off to set out on my adventure to explore how I am going to get there and I will be doing so with smiles, laughs, love and gratitude open to the way that I flow with.

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