Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Are you settling in life?

Whenever I spend time on the road I always find moments of solitude where I take the time to reflect on my life. Sometimes I ask myself questions and today is one of those days.

Being blessed with great fortune in life I felt it time to contemplate whether or not I am a settler or better yet settling in my life?

One reason is traveling I often see/meet people who are content with the life they live and just settle into existence. For these people it truly is as good as it gets and most of them are very content and happy with said existence and for them I applaud them for finding a form of personal peace that they can live in/with.

But, this is not me, this is not for me. I am an adventurer, explorer, one who enjoys extending and expanding myself, challenging and test my being. This I truly know and embrace, it is ingrained in my nature and being.

So, here are some questions I asked myself

*Are you settling in your relationship or willing to do so? Heck no, since I am single this is more a forward looking than something I am experiencing.

Are you settling in your job? Again no, I am constantly striving to better myself and what I offer, etc.

Are you settling/settled in your ways? Nope, I believe I have core values, principles, etc. but I am open to bettering myself...this is the nature of my beast. Note, this was not always the case as I often fought change out of truly a lack of understanding of the knowledge, info, wisdom I have currently.

What are you willing to do to get what you want?

Do you want the easy way or the more challenging way(s)?

Do you aspire to 'greatness' in life or are you willing to accept less?

If you know me then you understand that I truly believe their is no right nor no wrong. Who am I or is anyone else to say this is the right way, only way, etc. No judgment passed for whatever one chooses, I am empowered to make choices and I hope you feel, understand and know that you are as well.

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