Thursday, June 25, 2009

Where has the Science and Art of Training Gone???

Seriously I am looking around taking it all in and wondering what has happened to the science behind performance. We have for the most part sold out as usual in hopes of a magic pill and fulfillment of our egoistic desires. We are bombarded with a multitude of magazines, commercials and so-called experts all trying to sell you something in which they make big $$$, often claiming scientific prove which is the quote of one source and truly the manipulation of the words in many cases all in search of the instant gratification.

This is not to say one system, one this or that is better than another. In many cases things out in the world of health, wellness, fitness, training, etc. have some merit. But, often it is the case that I hear of people spending inordinate amounts of money on Chiropractic work, physical therapy and supplements in an effort to get and stay healthy. I am not certain that is the model we want. And, with all the information available, why are we still so f**king fat not only here in the US but worldwide.

Somewhere along the line, sound science and application through art has been lost and the valuation of people like myself has been diminished to the point where one weekend or an at home test makes you an expert in this field.

I know many whom have slaved hours and hours through experience, research, education, discussion, etc. to learn and gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to be healthy, well and fit. It seems that these people are often overlooked due to the hype, marketing and advertising of other things.

So, that is my rant and my point is that we as a society seem to be chasing our tail and in the process I do not see us getting smarter, better, fitter, healthier, more well or wiser. Being skinny does not make you healthy, lifting lots of weight and/or being able to wrap your legs around your head do not either.

Enough of this diet book, this supplement, this WOD, this chiro, this bullshit it is time to take a step back and realize that it is far easier than the latest fad, the hardest workout, the best supplement, the best diet, etc. Are we really that ignorant as a society.

We need to slow down and stop for a moment and think, really think without our ego and attachment to things and realize what is the makes of a healthy, fit, well, happy person and society and I would say that it is not what a majority of us are doing. Shoot, I hope I am 'wrong' but.....

You will be the judge of yourself and that is what matters.
You will make the choices you need to and that is what matters.
You will inform yourself however you need to, through whatever means you need to and that is what matters
You will be whom you wish to be because of your actions and choices and that is what matters.

It is not for me to tell you what to do but it is for me as a professional to share with you my observations of some of the absurdities that I see in the world of health and wellness. Now, here we are trying to reform healthcare in this nation and it is absolutely f**ked up.

We need to take a look at the food companies, the rules and standards set out by the FDA and USDA, and the $$$ behind all this crap, the insurance companies, Doctors, etc. Sh*t would should need very little healthcare because we have all the tools, etc we need already to be as healthy, well and fit as we want...we do not need a government healthcare system to take care of us, in truth. But in reality with the disillusion that exists maybe we do....

Awareness is huge, and I hope this 'rant' of sorts or reflection opens some thoughts and please feel free to offer your opinion.

In good health!

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Austin R Toloza said...

Good stuff. You totally said it bro. People think "Personal Trainer" or "Fitness Professionals" are a joke now a days because those who don't take our profession seriously make us look bad. They don't go through the internships, the lectures, the mentors, the education or acquire enough practical experience like real passionate fitness professionals do, no they just get some over the weekend course or take home test and call themselves a professional. Then when they mess up WE look bad -_-. Keep at it buddy, I strive to be where your at.