Monday, June 29, 2009

The Hero Figure & moving beyond

What began as a way to ‘help’ a friend turned out to be so much more. Yes, lets play with this idea of help. That is what I do, I ‘help’ people through teaching, coaching, educating, motivating, supporting, listening, advising, and so on. I am a Hero, yep you heard it right, I have through the process of helping my friend ‘edit’ her amazing book, which is soon to be published, discovered through this process my role play in life.

The Hero, I will not give it away because I cannot even do the justice my friend Aimee does in her description of and explanation of the Hero but it is safe for me to say and Aimee verified that I indeed am the Hero.

Now, in the book Aimee refers to the Hero in terms of the roles we play in our ‘romantic’ relationships. And, yes, I have indeed been this person in all my relationships and what to me by bigger surprise is that I not only play this in my romantic relationships but also my life on the whole, just look at my profession.

My process of transformation out of this role begun long ago and is still in process. Through my self study of eastern philosophy, my personal experiences and the lessons they have taught (a big debt of gratitude to all my romantic partners for helping me in this), the coaching program at ITP and the introduction of meditation and yoga I have truly seen my transcendence of the Hero role.

This is not too say it does not appear here and there, but it is too say that I am aware (because of Aimee’s writing/book) what I have been in the past and what and how I have conducted myself and I have been able to ‘label’ or at least identify in words exactly what it is, the Hero.

I knew I was doing things that were not conducive to living my best life and I knew I wanted to change, evolve, shift, transform these. Now that I am armed with more information I have a great understanding and can take it too the next level. I know that Aimee’s book will help many people and I am one of the fortunate souls to be blessed to have read the book and be able to directly interact with the author!!!, how awesome is that!

Awareness is one thing, action is another and developing practices that help one to take action are essential. My meditation and yoga practice have truly begun to transform me on levels that I knew were possible but was not yet able to reach. These two practices have helped to me to put the pieces together and take myself to new heights, new boundaries, borders, and push beyond my self imposed limits conscious or unconscious, patterns and/or complexes.

The process is a journey, a lifelong one. I continue to move on the continuim and flow in the direction that my paths take me. Understanding who I am, what I am, how I am, how I be, etc. has been a catalyst putting me in the position I reside currently and will move toward in the future. My curiosity, exploratory nature and adventurous spirit puts me out in the world and gives me the opportunities to challenge myself to go beyond fear, to go beyond ego, to go beyond the false façade and inspire and motivate myself to be what I be!

I am grateful for people like Aimee, who are taking and sharing their life experiences, their educated opinions and bringing them to the people with the intention of helping people evolve and grow beyond their current status and in the process help evolve the consciousness of all society. I am in training myself, working on developing the ability, skills, to share and exchange with people in a way to help evolve the consciousness of all society.

The reason I am here today is that I am transcending the Hero and it is through all my experiences and my curious nature that I am in a position to do so. I am approaching my role with humility, humbleness, compassion, gratitude, unconditional love and as a person who knows a way or 2 to transform ones self. I am a living example of this and that definitely enables me to be in a place to share these ways.

I used to think I could change people, that I could be the difference, the reason, the purpose behind their desire and execution of their transformation. I used to want to be the ‘hero’, the one who healed people. Well, the fact is you are the only one who can help, heal, transform, etc. yourself. I can give you information, support, motivate, inspire, educate, teach, and coach you but it is you who takes and makes the conscious choice action to push/explore/establish boundaries, borders, and limits.

This awareness helped me too understand on a deeper level what it meant to be in my position, to serve my role in life. It is not to be the hero, it is to be a leader by example, transforming myself and doing all the things I offer in my services for myself. Of course, the other side that I do is I take/make the conscious choice action for myself and show myself the way I feel best suits me.

I am no healer, I am no hero, I am just like you a human being doing my best to live this life to my full potential and beyond. I am here to lead by example and challenge conventional wisdom, traditions and test the limits, borders and boundaries that we understand to exist. And through this I am here to inspire, motivate, coach, share, teach, educate, support, listen, love and serve all the people whom I encounter as they wish and within my essence.

The answer is there, it is within you! It is up too you to discover this answer and I encourage you to do what you need. And, I want to extend my gratitude and love to Aimee for inspiring, motivating, coaching, teaching, educating, supporting, sharing with me! You are a leader and you are doing so by example and I must have learned something in life, to surround myself with great people doing great things (and if you are reading this that includes you).

My gratitude to all whom have and continue to touch my soul, spirit, life and challenge, inspire, motivate, coach, teach, educate, share, support, love me!

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