Monday, June 08, 2009

Germany Part 1

WOW! Teaching abroad in a foreign land, specifically Germany is such an amazing experience. Anytime I cross borders I find myself in just a complete state of wonder and appreciation as I am so curious and open to see firsthand, experience firsthand what the people and land has to offer.

What I did not truly understand was the difficulty I would have presenting the material I speak on. To my surprise the language barrier is not the challenge it is the fact that many whom I have spoken with tell me their country is resistant if not hesitant to change or the innovation of new ideas.

This all being said I have found those whom have attended the seminars-workshops to be more than open and willing participants helping me to learn and grow immensley in my ability to teach, understand, translate and share what it is I offer.

There are definitely different standards and approaches her to fitness and training. The one that standouts to me is how after training or even a game-match the players sit around smoking cigarettes and drinking beers and not just one, LOL. The culture is definitely different but I really appreciate that this is their approach and their way of doing things. As I told them, I would not advise this behavior on a regular or daily basis but I understand that we all have our way of doing things and in Germany this more than norm than the exception.

Nonetheless, this experience has been nothing but an amazing life enhancing and enriching opportunity and I know I will be back as I have already been invited because those who step beyond their boundaries realize what I bring and it is far beyond the norm.

As I say I do not teach just exercise I teach physics, geometry, alegbra, art, philosophy and psychology and I translate it in multiple languages and across all borders and boundaries. It is so cool to have such a captive audience in to do so outside of the US!!!

So much more to come!!

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