Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday Workouts

Another great day just continues. My morning started off with an hour hanging with M. Nora Klaver on her show 'Bare Naked' hosted by Wow, being the subject and someone asking you to share your life and your stories is amazing. I feel honored to have such a great opportunity and I thank Nora and all the listeners.

Kettlebell Snatch


Felt great to pull of these numbers today. To have this power and strength combined with the Trail Running Endurance and strength and the Yoga strength and flexibility is amazing. Feeling balanced!

90 minutes of foundation Yoga with Kent at WG Yoga. Yet again another fantastic Yoga class. Kent pushed us hard today and I could tell he was demanding more out of us in our poses.

Missed all workouts yesterday but considering the great day and fullness of the day I smile and accept that an extra day of rest is a great thing. Now, I will make more out of each training session remaining this week

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