Sunday, January 25, 2009


Guilty! Yep and no surprise! I tell you though, judging myself, others or other things has truly never served a purpose other than to make me realize that judging myself, others and other 'things' does no good for anyone or anything, including myself.

Truly, who am I too judge myself, others, and other things in life? Observation yes, for the purpose of learning and growing but judging for what purpose, to make myself feel better or in many cases worse. Who am I to tell someone else that their way is wrong or this or that, I mean I am not the Guru of all Guru, the knower and wise of all things so how can I possibly know what is best for another.

Taking an attitude and state of being of compassion, gratitude, unconditional love, forgiveness, humility, honor, respect, appreciation, a beginners outlook, a soft gaze, a students perspective, an empty cup, and so on brings me beyond judgement to a place of observation and peace. Looking at life through this lens brings clarity and beauty to all situations and the ability to see the perfection in the moment, beyond the rose colored lens that I used to believe life to be. The challenge was I was the only one who could see out of these lens and know I feel I can share my lens and others can see with their own 2 eyes.

Being non judgemental is a change for most of us, this I respect and understand. Being conscious, living in a state of conscious, where we slow down and move with the Tortoise rather than the Hare will enable us to be aware of our current state of being and thus when we are acting with unconditional love vs conditional love, i.e. Judgement!

Again, it is not for me to tell you what is best for you. I will say that the change for me has offered me and the others I encounter so much more, at least from my lens. I do however encourage you to take the plunge and give it a walk and see for your eyes, through your lens or maybe even mine what it is like.

I do not judge you for saying no, I just offer you unconditional love and ask that you share so we can both learn and in turn share.

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