Sunday, January 25, 2009

My first Yoga Teaching Gig

Well about time I stepped up and took the opportunity to share my yoga practice and the general practice of yoga with others. 9 months after my certification with Marianne Wells and my awesome group and after many classes, much reading and studying I have lost my virginity and taught my first 2 yoga classes yesterday. Both of these were sub opportunities at Darshana Yoga in Palo Alto. Regular gigs are on the way but not until I am back from Australia/New Zealand in May

I had nervous excitement going into the classes. All week I spent time read, reviewing, designing and meditating in my preparation for wanting to do the best I could do, which is to be perfect, LOL! Yeah, even I have a perfectionist mentality at certain points. Well after all is said and done I am very pleased with the classes and so grateful to open up a new door.

A teacher is a teacher, and a coach is a coach and that is obvious too me. I am conscious of what I am and what I do and so honored and having a clear perspective made this whole experience that much easier. After 13 years of working with folks in the health and wellness field it is clear that my path is leading me to my perfect place(s). Being in that yoga room with those students was the perfect place.

As I sat and observed while teaching, removing myself from the experience and attachment that things had to be done a certain way, I felt an effortlessness to the effort, I did become water and flow. In fact I had class plans written and sitting next too me but part way through, being conscious and present with the students I adjusted because I felt them and where they were at and maybe needed to go.

So many lessons are present in every moment if we are present to them. Being a coach and teacher makes me a student, a better student because I realize that when I am teaching/coaching that I am presenting numerous lessons for the students and opening doors for them to enter if they so please.

Looking forward to more Yoga teaching in the future. I have one more sub gig lined up and now I am more ready to fill in when possible and more important start teaching regularly in May!!!!


Jo said...

Joe, I really wanted to check it out but had a conflict! Cant wait for next time.

and ohmigosh, new zealand!!! thats next on my list :) are u going to hike the milford sound?

Joe Sarti said...

Well Feb 12th in Willow Glen. Intermediate Vinyasa should be a riot!

Yes, I am planning on doing Milford Sound. And you and Mikey I so excited for you 2. You are going to 2 places I want to visit, Patagonia and Peru!

Soon we need to grab a coffee or something! You look marvelous and so beautiful!!!!

Todd Gilchrist said...

Trully awesome man! I particularly like the "effortlessness to the effort".

Joe Sarti said...

Todd, Life is meant to be an effortless effort, just think water my brother

Jo said...

hey we should swap tips. I'm sure I'll be doing milford sound at some point! :)

and i cant do an intermmediate class! I'm not even beginners!