Wednesday, January 14, 2009

May the Force be with you!

When you apply force you encounter resistance. In some cases this may indeed be the way, for instance in 'lifting" weights like a deadlift, squat, etc. However in most cases applying your force is counterproductive! For instance apply force against another human whether physical, emotional, intellectual, mental, or spiritual. To work and be in harmony and balance with your own state of being is living a life without limits and this will help others in their process even if they do not be in the same way. But if they are aware and are curious and wish to move with the energy of life then they will feel and see that there may be another way, maybe even a better way but this is in the discretion of them, not us. We again are not applying our force against theirs but instead moving with the flow of life.

After all, do you wish to be the Salmon swimming up stream as the Bear awaits you or do you wish to go with the flow of the water and move in the direction of the wave, stream, etc. One would seem to be the path of least resistance and one not!

The beauty of it is you have a choice, so I encourage you to be like water and do not be your own worst enemy but your one true love, your best friend!

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