Friday, January 30, 2009


How do you relate? This question applies in EVERY aspect of our life. Often when people discuss relationship it is referred to along the lines of partnership, significant other, husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend terms. Of course this is a significant relationship in our lives or these if you have walked in my shoes :-).

However when I reflect on this term, relationship, I look at the deeper aspects of what it means to relate, be in relation too, or have a relationship with. SPecifically, I look at how my relationship is with myself, my being, my spirit, my soul. As a part of this I break it down into parts in order to gain a deeper and fuller perspective on the whole.

One of the parts I take time a meditate on is my relationship with my thoughts. If we truly are what we think we are then I find it is essential that I have a unconditional loving, compassionate, kind, respectful, gracious, appreciative, honest, humorous, fun, integrity filled relationship with these thoughts. They are what they are and they flow as they do. It is up too me to decide what role they play in my daily practice of living and in my relation to all things.

One may wonder how I do this, how I nurture and nourish this relationship. Simple I live each day with the words I described above as the way of my conscious choice action, as my daily practice. And, if I for some reason 'slip and fall' I pick myself up, meditate, reflect, and learn from the opportunity. Yes, it is that simple becuase it is a choice, one I make consciously, one I have learned through life experiences, study, practice, relationships with various people, and by incorporating a daily practice of meditation and just slowing down in life and taking life one step at a time.

I encourage myself and others to truly stop and listen, observe and see how they are being in the present moment, how they are acting in their lives.

*Is what you do, are your relationships with others serving you?
*More important, how is your relationship with yourself?
*Do you have love and compassion for yourself? Do have a 'positive' self image, self perception?
*Do you talk bad about yourself to people or others for that matter?
*Do you treat yourself with respect and gratitude?
*Do you realize you are only human and therefore only know what you open yourself up to learning, seeing, doing, being, experiencing, sharing?
*Do you take yourself too serious, so much so that you beat yourself up for every perceived failure, mistake, etc?

YOU ARE ONLY HUMAN, Stay and Be Human(e).

These questions, life in general is a mirror unto yourself and your relation with yourself, your being, your body, your mind, your thoughts, your EVERYTHING?

My word of advice, Unconditional, unconditional everything and that starts with what love really is, yourself!

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