Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The practice continues to open doors

As the new year begins my practice of living, my art of living continues to evolve. Each day I practice with a sense of wonder and freedom to explore the integration of mind, body, spirit, soul, intellect, energy, and the art and creativity behind it all.

I have begun the practice of the Art of Aikido which is now integrated with my daily Yoga Practice and my Strength/Conditioning work with the KB's, deadlifts and pull-ups. Overall I have found through the first couple weeks a wonderful complimentary integration of movement practices and philosophies. Each is built on a foundation of principles and concepts that blend in a beautiful Picasso of Art. The beauty of this is that I get to learn the art of living in each of these practices with a unique languaging behind each practice but the same flow, the same philosophy.

I find myself having daily epiphanys about life, movement, energy, poses, exercises, relationships, etc. I find myself open to the possibilities and I find myself having to drop the "I", the 'me' and truly allow all this, all this wonderful wisdom of years of practice, of laws of the universe to seep deep into my pores to my inner essence to the point where all the details, all the forms, techniques, concepts, principles become a natural state of being, not a thought process, not an action or response but truly a way, the way of living and being in each and every moment. There is no condition, there just is the unconditional, the way due to hours of practice, of conscious awareness in movement and out of movement, in being present with all the wisdom and opportunity at my doorstep.

In turn what happens is a massive movement and integrative progression of all things coming together and doors opening to areas I knew possible but until this point where not available because I was not ready.

The beauty of it all is I do not care, I am not attached to any of this because it is just a way, my way and it is what it is. If anything I am grateful and humble and have a great sense of honor and respect and feel I must share to my best capabilities with all, to present a way and to say thank you to all my masters and show them my respect and gratitude for taking time to teach me the ways and the possibility and for opening the doors of curiousity, exploration and wonder while providing tools to excavate, dig, discover, examine the limitless and endless possibilities.

It truly is only the beginning and that is all it ever will be....maybe :-) Time will tell =)

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