Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Wondering and Awe

The practice continues, each and every moment of each and every day! Another great day it is. As I move through the continium of life I just find myself more and more in a sense of awe and wonder at the workings of the universe. I am so humbled and blessed to be moving through life in this vehicle I have.

That being said I realize just how important it is to care for my vehicle on ALL levels, remembering to nourish everyday with good food, good living habits, healthy thoughts, great people, rest, and of course full of unconditional love. I am finding that all this stuff is really simple to do and just continues to give back in ways that I cannot even imagine and reaches beyond me and this is key.

I am open to the possibilities and because of this I find so much is coming my way, so many wonderful projects, etc. that I can contribute to and that are contributing to so much more than I alone (at this point) can do. Being non-attached and open and leaving the ego at the door, coming from a state of wonder, a state of unconditional love and deep sense of gratitude and humbleness really brings the fruit of the trees to bear.

Each day I am observing so much through my daily practice, my daily movement through the existence of being that I find myself wanting to stay up 24 hours a day, and be everywhere because there is just so much to experience, see, do and be and there is so many wonderful and amazing things happening all leaves me going WOW!, and as my friend Kendrick would say, to blessed to be stressed.

You can take from this what you will because that is the beauty of it, I am just honored to have a place to share and people who enjoy. I thank you for the opportunity to share my existence and happenings/experiences with you and thank you for being a source of inspiration in my life!!!

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