Thursday, February 19, 2009

Are You????

What is your potential?
Are you willing to find out?
Are you willing to explore the depths of your soul, the depths of the meaning of life, the depths of your relationship to all things including your truth, your essence?
Are you willing to go where you have never gone before?
Are you willing to be humble and open enough to explore?
Are you willing to say I do not know but I am here to find out?
Are you willing to be a student?
Are you willing to risk 'failure', "humiliation", 'frustration'?
Are you willing to experience life for the purposes of exploring human potential without any ties to the outcome other than to know just by stepping up and doing it, being open to it, being willing to explore you have already done more than you ever have before?
Where are you willing to travel, can you take the path least taken?
Are you willing to live in your essence, in your truth, in your essential state, defying conventional wisdom and finding your way, the way of no way, the formless form?
Are you willing to stretch and be flexible, too see beyond the minds eye, beyond the tangible, beyond what your thoughts are?

I am and I invite you to join me on this journey and explore with me as I explore with you and we share and discover together our human potential and the absolute beauty that exists in EVERYTHING!

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