Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Strength and Being Strong?

What does it mean to be Strong or have strength? Is this not a fascinating and deep conversational piece or what? I mean just think about it for a moment and what comes to mind? Strength and being strong are such dynamic and loaded terms and can be applied across a broad based spectrum of life.

Now, I would say I am strong and have strength just by definitions. I would also say that I have not and am know where near my potential. This being said I am in a constant of learning and exploration just by osmosis and by living and breathing each and everyday. In this process, through this journey I feel my strength and my being strong increasing each and every day, every moment of life!

Since strength and the concept of being strong is so broad based I am eager to explore this on various levels and because of this I am beginning to see these concepts in such a new light, one that is so much brighter and ever present than before. Strength and being strong to me are more internal concepts and I am beginning to understand on another level of consciousness how my strength is one of internal not so much external, it just shows up this way. As one might say my strength is very raw.

Now, enough bragging about myself, but as a student, coach, teacher and trainer it is important to use myself and my practice as a labroratory for exploration and testing. Since I have been doing this for 34 years (not all consciously or at least I think not) I am truly gaining a level of education that is unprecedented for myself and one that leaves me humbled that I am able to have the awareness around what is truly 'happening'.

To take it too another level I am beginning to be able to convene this information to others and coach, teach and train them to realize their internal strength, to discover it, to unleash and then to take it to the external stuff. They in turn do what they wish with this as they should. I am certain that all of them will take what they need for themselves it will show up in their life as it is meant to be!

As I become a martial artist, yogi, etc. and learn the arts and science behind these philosophies and movement dynamics the internal aspect becomes so much more apparent and the real truth behind the strength of these and many other concepts of life and living.

To be strong is what it is and strength is what it is. The numbers are cool but the internal is true!

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