Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blessings and Fortune! I offer my thank you to each of you!

Every so often I like to step back and remove myself from myself and my world and reflect. Daily I get so much confirmation, so much love and energy, so much nourishment and fuel from those who I encounter. All this is a blessing, is the stuff of great fortune or sincere gratitude, brings about humility and makes me so humbled.

We all have unlimited ability, unlimited power to accomplish and achieve whatever it is we wish too. Of course, we all excel in certain areas and many of us in many areas and we all are capable of excelling in whatever it is we wish too, this is my truth! And so it goes on and on and without saying that I feel blessed to be living my passion, my essence, my essential self and being, my truth and too see that in doing so I am able to be a presence and conduit for others, just as they are for me.

I offer my gratitude and extend my thank you's to each and everyone of you for teaching me, the eternal and internal student of life, living, and the constant state of being present! I am so honored to share this path with each and everyone of you and it is you who empowers and inspires me beyond even my own capabilities.

I share this to continue to acknowledge each of yours presence and influence and in doing so hope to encourage you all to keep sharing, exploring, engaging, reaching out, opening up, looking beyond, being true, being unconditional, being the love and light that you are for me and doing this for others.

Together we truly can achieve more and we must believe it is possible, anything is possible and if you are not certain reach out to one of your fellow community members, come to me or whomever and channeling the loving energy, the possibility! See, I am the possibility, I am what can happen when you believe and it is all of you whom help to reaffirm this and I hope that my sharing does the same for you.

We all are masters, we are our own masters and guru's, we are our best teachers because we are the student! Thank you for teaching me life and living, love and giving unconditional, thank you for receiving and sharing, extending and offering, giving and giving so openly without judgement or prejudice, thank you for being your essential self, your essence

I send this with unconditional love and gratitude!


Cecilia Tom said...

You are my Muse as I am yours, so I will unabashedly say here, "You're very welcome!" Blessings and fortune indeed, that my eyes and ears and all my senses can partake of such heartfelt gratitude and love. Blessed are those who give thanks, for they are in a state of grace! Beatitude, BE-attitude, Be-Gratitude ;-)

Joe Sarti said...

oh my how well stated and blessings indeed! :-)