Friday, February 13, 2009

Form and Flow

"The other weakness is, when clans are formed, the people of a clan will hold their kind of martial art as the only truth and do not dare to reform or improve it. Thus they are confined in their own tiny little world. Their students become machines which imitate martial art forms."

Form is essential, it is a key element a student must know and understand. However, out of form evolves flow is this is the truth of the form, the formless form that is adapted and improved upon, explored and researched as to have no way, to have no limitation. Learn your forms, understand how the form is applied, etc. and then develop your flow. As Bruce Lee goes onto further say "Mere technical knowledge is only the beginning of Kung Fu. To master it, one must enter into the spirit of it." The spirit is evident in the flow, in your interpretation as relevant to the application. The flow is in respect to the form and may look exactly like the actual form to the eye but the flow truly is something beyond the minds eye. Look beyond the mere science and technical merits into the depths of the wisdom behind it all!

"Use no way as way; use no limitation as limitation."

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