Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love Unconditional

All these years of love in my life and it was not until recently that I believe I broke into the love circle. What do I mean? Well, throughout all the years and my experience I finally took what had been an idea and concept and turned it into an actual state of being. What is that state of being you ask, I say unconditional love!

Yes, Unconditional Love of self first and foremost. Why me first and foremost because life begins with you and ends with you! If you do not love yourself completely and without condition then in my believe you cannot do so for any other!

So what is it, unconditional love?
*A it is your own love for yourself as mentioned above
*It is being kind, compassionate and respectful to yourself and this extends to others
*It is having gratitude for yourself and life again extending this to having gratitude for others
*It is being non judgmental of yourself and others.
*It is being and show love because it is who you are not what you do or expect in return
*It is living and being your essence!
*It is being true, honest, acting with integrity and character.
*It is forgiveness
*It is appreciation and acceptance for what is, whole heartedly
*It is heart conscious

I can keep going on but the gist of it is as listed above. This is reflective of my philosophy and it works for me :-) and this is why I share it. I will say this all things love and everything else comes together when you have unconditional love of self!

Enjoy life, live life, be alive and enjoy the love of yourself and others. Teach, show, people that true love is possible, unconditional love is possible. It begins with YOU!

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Cecilia Tom said...

Words to live by. Words to love by. Thank you, my teacher and friend!