Monday, February 16, 2009

When the Student is ready, the master will appear

I must be ready because the master or masters keep appearing. I have not always been present nor aware of this but in hind sight I see clearly this has indeed been the case, starting back to my teens when my sisters boyfriend taught me essentially the beginning of weight lifting or bodybuilding and continues to present day.

This concept of course works both ways, with people coming to learn from me, but what they may or may not realize is that I learn as much or more from them than maybe they do from me. I love 'clients' because they are such great teachers.

As I continue to delve deeper into study and practice I find that opportunities are abound and boundless. People keep opening doors to amazing teachers, masters, styles, concepts, methods, etc.

Currently I have the pleasure of studying under a few such people and there are a few on the horizon I am and will be intersecting with and of course those that I am currently unaware of who also will cross paths with me.

For me as a teacher, a trainer, a coach, an educator I find that the strength of my practice, my curious nature to learn the essence of various forms related to what I am doing are key! I find that the better and more I am a student and the deeper my practice of what I am studying the more I offer to those whom I encounter as their master, sensei, guru, teacher, coach, trainer, etc...whatever you want to call me or it.

For example, I am looking deeper into various forms of yoga such as Shadow Yoga, Iyengar, YogicArts (Duncan Wong), and even Vinyasa (especially since this is what I am teaching) and then examining through practice and play how it all integrates and then of course sharing this with others....AWESOME

Then there is the martial arts as I have begun my practice and study of Aikido and now I am being presented with a future opportunity to study Qi Gong with a master through another Master I know. Then taking Shadow Yoga and YogicArts and Budokon which are both styles that incorporate various aspects of Chinese Medicine and Martial Arts into a yoga practice (this is cool that people already are exploring this integrative model.

To take things even deeper I am learning how all the energy and synergy of all these modalities incorporate with Kettlebells and even the powerlifts. I am beginning to explore the human movement potential on levels beyond the eye and words into the depths of energetics and beyond. All these modalities and these masters/teachers are opening doors to another realm of movement and depth that truly is unleashing human potential

The Lab, where we are constantly exploring Human continues to evolve, it is only the beginning


Cecilia Tom said...

The concept of the Lab resonates with me, and I in fact call my workshop series Kettlebell Lab 101. The word "lab" popped into my mind without much effortful deliberation, but it has turned out to be exactly right. Overlying the basic structure is an experimental process, where student and teacher co-create the learning experience. No two workshops or classes are ever the same. The nature of an individual student draws out certain skills of the teacher. The teacher's moment-to-moment disposition directly impacts the level of effort and comprehension in the student. Learning never gets old because learning is co-evolution. Teacher and student do not and cannot exist without one another. What lights the spark and seals the deal? Readiness. Readiness is all. So, Joe, you said it again.

And thank you for being my Muse. This conversation in the blogosphere is also co-evolution. I appreciate this opportunity to reflect on your words and what it means to be both a student and a teacher. I do like hanging out here, as my own blog is just epic silliness, not very conducive to mind-expanding dialogues ;-)

Aaron Friday said...

I'm looking forward to seeing all this stuff crystallize for you. It's all "human style." The subjects are varied, but the object (you) is the same.

Joe Sarti said...

Thank you to both of you! Glad to have you participate in the labs experiements ;-)