Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Really?, Wow pretty cool

The Scientist, Physiologist, Mathematician, Physicist, Philosopher and Artist. This is what I be. Recently I have been reflecting on what it is I "DO" And these words in a nutshell describe as only words can what I "DO"

As a coach, teacher, trainer, and guide my approach is based on the fundamental concepts and principles of these above 'classroom' subjects. They provide the framework for how I architect my business. Each of these plays a role in and every session throughout each and every moment. They are the basis of all my work and life philosophies related to teaching the art of movement and stillness in Life and Living!

Wow, more to come but this is step in the process of understanding how all these play a larger role in who I am, what I do, who I be, what I study, how I see, how I move, how I perform and most important how I translate, interpret and communicate in life and of course in my 'business'

One may ask are my life and business any different, and I would gander to say nope! :-)

The way of no way keeps on flowing!

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