Monday, February 02, 2009

The Art of Practice

Practice, the path to potential mastery. Yes, potential because practice alone does not determine one's ability to become a master. Being a master requires an in depth understanding of all the aspects that are being learned and experienced during practice.

What I encourage is a daily practice of the science and the art behind and within whatever it is you are doing. For instance, myself I practice the daily art of living and I do so through the experience of movement arts like yoga, aikido, kettlebells, strength training, philosophy and so much more. It is in these practices that I explore and study life and the integration of the science, art and philosophy of each art and the art of living!

In practice I pay close attention to all the details, constantly feeling, being, thinking, anaylzing, inquiring, exploring, discovering, experiencing all that I can within each and every moment, movement, etc. My level of awareness, focus, concentration, and consciousness are at their peak. I do this every day, every practice, every moment to the best of my abilities in the present state I exist.

The key then is to take all this knowledge and information and turn it into wisdom, so when I actually have to perform I do not have to think, I just do, I just be, it is just a conscious choice action!

A very important aspect of making this all come together so it is just an normal action, something that is truly mindful yet thoughtless is how you practice. When practicing I say less is more, slow is fast, soft is hard, stillness is movement, effortless is effort. This translates into practice with perfection (as you know it), practice with a great attention to detail doing as perfect as possible. And, to ensure you are doing this, learn what it means, what it looks like to be perfect in whatever it is you wish to excel and practice.

Often we move way to fast and 'try' to do way to much that we end up 'trying' and end up underachieving (or as I say achieving exactly what you are supposed based on your choice actions, not your intentions, not your wishes, goals, dreams, etc. but how you are actually moving through life). Therefore a key is in your daily practice to have a clear intention and live up to that and make sure your actions support your intentions, dreams, goals, etc.

This is not only possible but is happening. People are living the life they intend, the are living their dreams and accomplishing their goals and maybe you are one of them, I certainly would love to hear that you are, I am!

Practice never ends, never stops, it is in a constant state of motion. Life does not stop, it is in a constant state of motion, so ride the wave, find your balance, feel the water, be the water, flow with life and enjoy the sun! If you practice this, you will indeed be this!

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